How to Load Dishwasher Properly


How to load dishwasher properly?

With the assistance of dishwasher in our routine, we all want to get the most out of this compact and useful appliance. Dishwasher Repair Clovis CA has a dedication not only to provide a professional service but also provide with dishwasher usage tips and tricks for your own convenience and effortless labor.

Here you can find everything you need to know about your dishwasher.

Main Usage Rules

  • Scrape off the food, then place the cookware into the machine.
  • Secure the plastics, if you don’t want to see them melt because of heating.
  • Never load too much since water spray won’t be able to clean all properly, especially those dishes on top.

Loading Rules

  • Put plates and bowls on the bottom rack so that the dirty side faces the water spray closely. Angle pots and pans for best results.
  • Be careful with thin handles as they might go through the rack.
  • DON’T place utensils such as flat pans in front, besides the door.
  • If your forks and spoons slip into one another cleaning properly won’t happen. Watch out for those nesting and place the handles up or down respectively.
  • Never place two kinds of cookware together such as steel and silver pans.
  • Don’t put glasses and mugs on top as spots might not get washed.
  • Watch out for wine glasses and load them not only strategically for space and best results but carefully to be free of any possible breakage. For this, don’t bump your wine glasses against each other and don’t place them on top of the machine.

Other Useful Notes

Although, dishes are what are supposed to be placed in a dishwasher, some items can also become clean and fresh due to the help of this appliance.

  • Dish Sponges
  • Plastic Brushes (hair/tooth/scrub)
  • Plastic Toys
  • Your pet’s toys or plates

Without any effort or extra work, you will be free of many chores if you take into account those steps for loading the dishwasher wisely, having in mind what to place where and which items you can put in your machine to get the most out of for your own convenience.

With all of this in mind you will secure the proper and better functioning of your appliance. However, if anything emerges even after placing some objects you weren’t supposed to place there, simply contact Dishwasher Repair Clovis CA and easily get your machine back to its condition with a highest quality and reliable service with the assistance of our qualified and prompt technicians.

We work with any brand and with any appliance. For your own safety if anything strange appears to you don’t wait for it to be solved on its own and contact  Dishwasher Repair Clovis CA by calling 559 960 0798 or scheduling your service online.