Do you live in Clovis, California and you have some home appliance problems? Appliance Repair Clovis CA will come to rescue you and will give you a helping hand in order to fix all the unwanted issues. It can be your fridge or washer, microwave or ice Maker. Our Appliance Repair Clovis CA has all the kinds of the appliance repairmen that will do their best to fulfill your hopes and expectations concerning your appliance repair. In Clovis, a lot of families have decided to rely on our Appliance Repair Clovis CA as we prove the best service with the highest quality.

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Appliance repair Clovis CAIf you have some problems with your home appliance the Appliance Repair Clovis CA should be the first choice for you and your family. Our team at Appliance Repair Clovis CA will do their best to give you the best, the fastest and the highest-quality appliance repair at the best price. All the specialists at Appliance Repair are qualified and they know everything about all the home appliances. The problem is no issue. Anything is possible with us. Our customers are satisfied and so will you if you choose our Appliance Repair Clovis CA.

Appliance Repair Clovis CA provides the customers with:

  • Free Service calls with Repair
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Licensed technicians
  • Affordable prices

If you call us at Appliance Repair Clovis CA you won’t have to worry about the origin of your broken appliance and the problem with it. Just give us a call and the experienced technicians will take care of everything.  Our team at Appliance Repair Clovis CA will install all the factory parts and will finish the work on the same day. You will be satisfied with the period of work and, most importantly, with the quality. Our technicians will talk to you to understand the main idea and will find the main problem. Our greatest happiness is to leave you happy and pleased with the work that is performed by Appliance Repair Clovis CA.

Our Appliance Repairmen in Clovis, CA will take care of all the appliances: fridges, dryers, stoves, washers. Dishwasher etc.


Refrigerator Repair Clovis CA


Nobody can live without a refrigerator and any minor problems with them may create a lot of issues. Whenever

Appliance repair Clovis CA

you notice any problems like:

  • Fridge is not cooling enough
  • Water dispenser stops working
  • Ice dispenser stops working
  • Fridges don’t defrost
  • It makes awful noise
  • You notice leakage

and any other problems, it is high time you called our team at Appliance Repair Clovis CA  as our team will fix all your problems giving you a high quality.

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Freezer Repair Clovis CA


appliance repair clovis ca

Freezers as Fridges are very important. Sometimes Ice Maker is inserted into your freezer so any inconveniences may become a pain in the neck. The Appliance Repair Clovis CA will do their best to fix the problems as follows:

  • Freezer is not freezing
  • It simply refuses to work
  • You notice leakage
  • It is freezing only the top
  • It is on all the time


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Microwave Repair Clovis CA

Nowadays most of the people use microwaves in order to cook their food and any issue might cause huge problems. appliance repair clovis caAppliance Repair Clovis CA will fix all the problems concerning this kitchen appliance. If you notice any problems like:

  • Microwave doesn’t work
  • It makes awful noise
  • The light stops working
  • It just stops working in the middle of heating something
  • It turns on/off unexpectedly

Please contact the team as soon as possible because the sooner you call us, the sooner we will make your life easier.

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Dishwasher Repair Clovis CA

Dishwashers save a hell of a time and they are essential appliances in our houses. So any kinds of issue with this applianceappliance repair clovis ca may create some inconveniences and make our life miserable.

  • You notice the dishes are still dirty
  • The dishwasher doesn’t drain
  • The buttons stop actually working
  • Start to leak
  • Simply don’t work
  • They don’t fill

If you call our team in Clovis you will be satisfied with not only the time but also with the quality of the appliance repair.

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 Washer Repair Clovis CA

washer repair clovis ca

Washers make sure that we are clean and smell nice. So if it:

  • stop spinning
  • create weird noises
  • refuse to drain
  • They are filling really slowly
  • You notice leakage
  • It stops working unexpectedly

That means you have some major issues and it is time for you to call our technicians.

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 Dryer Repair Clovis CA

Dryers are of no less importance than the washers themselves. Some main problems that are rather common.

Dryer repair clovis ca

They are:

  • won’t stop/start
  • stop working unexpectedly
  • take too long to dry
  • become too hot
  • It makes terrible sounds


Appliance Repair Clovis CA is just what you will need to fix all these problems and even more

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Stove and Oven Repair Clovis CA

appliance repair clovis ca

Appliance Repair Clovis CA will also take care of your stove and oven, as they are essential kitchen appliances and without them, life would be impossible.

  • Ovens can stop heating
  • They don’t bake evenly
  • Stoves don’t turn on
  • There might be sparking issues
  • There can be gas leakage

If you have noticed any of the issues mentioned above and have started to concern about the well-being of any of your appliance. Please don’t hesitate to call us at Appliance Repair Clovis CA We will be there for you day and night, 7 days a week,  24/7.  Our main goal is to keep you pleased and satisfied with both your appliance and with your repair.

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 Wine Cooler Repair Clovis CA

We also take care of problems related to your wine coolers. If you notice any of these problems, make sure to contact

Wine Cooler Repair Clovis CA

our services:

  • Overheating appliance.
  • Leaking.
  • Not cooling properly.
  • Jammed door.
  • Lighting issue.
  • Not turning on and off on command.

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 Garbage Disposal Repair Clovis CA

While it is a small appliance in your household, it also has the tendency to break easily and cause an undesired mess.

Garbage Disposal Repair Clovis CA

Don’t worry though, because we also offer repair services for this fragile appliance. Be aware if your garbage disposal shows the following signs of damage:

  • Not grinding properly.
  • Making noise, but not grinding.
  • Clogged and jammed with unnecessary items.
  • Reversing food up the drain after grinding.

Trust our technicians with repairing this appliance for you as well to keep you away from unnecessary stress and hassle in the future.

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 Trash Compactor Repair Clovis CA

Trash compactor repair Clovis CA

Last, but certainly not least, we also repair trash compactors. While not every household owns one, we repair all brands of household garbage disposals. If you have noticed the following issues, give us a call:


  • A trash compactor is not working at all.
  • The door is stuck.
  • Strong odor.
  • The appliance is making noise when it is turned off.
  • Leaking.


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Appliance Repair Clovis CA

These are some reasons why it is better if you chose Appliance Repair Clovis CA:

  • With us, you will be confident and secure
  • Our technicians have lots of experience in the fields of appliance repair
  • The work is performed fast and it is a high-quality
  • All the brands can be fixed
  • The staff is professional yet very friendly
  • Affordable pricing

The mission and the ultimate goal for Appliance Repair Clovis CA are making our customers happy, saving them time and money. If you need appliance repair, just give us a call. We will be very happy to help you.


 We repair all brands of the above-mentioned appliances!

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